“Inheritance” at Super Dutchess Gallery

I recently participated in the first part of the three-part show Inheritance at Super Dutchess Gallery, where my sculpture Specter of a Key was displayed this August. The receptions were well-attended, socially distanced, and I really enjoyed getting to see some of my former classmates. I haven’t seen any of them in person since Pratt went online around the week of March 17th. 

Here are some photos of the outdoor reception events:

At the reception for Part I.
Left to right: Talia Tamar, Yaw Owusu, Jennifer Chia-ling Ho, Cassie Reeder, Angelica Yudasto, Caito Stewart, Chao Wang, Na’ye Perez, Allie Stabile, Rob Scheirer.
Front: Momo the shibainu and Josh Meillier.
Super Dutches Gallery co-owner and founder Andrew Woolbright is on the far right. Thank you to him for organizing and curating this show for us Pratt grads!
At the reception for part III: Caito Stewart, Duff Norris, Na’ye Perez, and Dewy.

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