Art Healing Grief Workshop!

Last night I facilitated an Art Healing Grief workshop in my hometown of Ossining. We had 7 participants join and it was a great experience!

I went over how to use the materials and showed them some different ways of making marks that they could use to express themselves. While some were initially afraid of “making a mistake,” everyone was able to push through that fear and dive into the act of making. It was less about making something perfect and more about letting the act of painting heal you and allow you to express yourself without words in a safe space.

At the end everyone shared what the experience felt like and what their paintings expressed. Overall, I think they enjoyed themselves, and I hope they left feeling at peace and confident enough to pick up a brush again and paint their feelings at home if they so desire! I only wish I had remembered to take more pictures before it was over.

If you are interested in doing a workshop or event that involves making art with the goal of relaxation and healing you can inquire at

Art Healing Grief Workshop

On August 1st, I will be facilitating an Art Healing Grief workshop at St. Augustine Parish Hall in my hometown of Ossining, New York. The workshop will create a safe space for people to express their grief through painting.


“Art gives our heart and mind a place to create, permission to express outside of our grieving bodies.”


Art Healing Grief Workshop

Wednesday, August 1st      7:00 – 9:00pm

St. Augustine Parish Hall, 2nd Floor

Workshop is limited to 12 artists!


Artist & Facilitator: Caitlin Stewart, BFA                                                        

Caitlin is a graduate student at Pratt Institute and a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis.  Caitlin taught at the ECC Language Institute in Japan for 10 years.                         

Art encourages movement of our imagination. Art influences how we look at, unblock, and shed light on our grief. Art invites our imagination to surface grief in images, movement, and color. Art releases the tension of grief.

This workshop will provide a safe place to express your grief on canvas while painting in acrylics.

A fee of $20 for art supplies must be paid in advance.                              

To register, contact Gae Savino, LCSW, CT at or 914-391-5966.  

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