Resources on the Intersection of Art and Grief 

  • Cube Design Museum – (Re)Design Death Exhibition
  • Esperanza Project Space
    • “ESPERANZA is a digital space for visual artists who make work in response to place, identity, family history, and memory.”
  • Rose River Memorial Project (COVID Memorial)
    • “A massive artwork” being created “to collectively grieve as a nation.”
    • “More than 200,000 handcrafted everlasting roses are placed in undulating rows outdoors to represent each life taken. This artwork will represent the enormity of the loss from the COVID-19 crisis. The memorial becomes a focus for all of us to mourn and heal.”
    • “Starting September 2020 we’re inviting you to build this artwork by making beautiful felt roses following our simple pattern. How many we all make determines how soon the artwork is created. let’s build this river, together.”
  • X-TRA  

Articles on Intersection of Art and Grief

Artists (in Alphabetical Order)

  • Indira Allegra

  • Cesar Cornejo
    • La Cantuta:
    • “Homage to nine students and one professor from the National University of Education, “La Cantuta, in Lima, Peru, who were kidnapped and killed by a death squad of the Peruvian Army in 1992. It is also a memorial to all the victims violence during the years of terrorist war in Peru.”
  • Patria Soli Project (homeland soil)
    • A socially engaged art project for people who are not able to go back to their homeland at the end of their life. This project delivers soil from one’s homeland to a person.
  • Freya Powell 
    • Freya Powell’s performance project, Only Remains Remain, draws from the Greek tragedy, Antigone, to create an elegy for the hundreds of unidentified migrants buried in mass graves in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Brooks County, Texas. Working with an ensemble of 15 performers, Powell explores the mournful potential of the voice. Through a collaborative process, the work utilizes pitch, intonation, breath, movement, and silence to embody a contemporary tragedy through the structure of a Sophoclean chorus.