Ghost Tike Part 2: A Collective Memorial

Ghost Tike Part 2: A Collective Memorial

2020 – Ongoing

Handmade leaves made by participants in the Ghost Tike Collective Memorial project.

Leaves are made either during Ghost Tike workshops led by the artist, or during Caito’s interactive performances on site at galleries or art festivals.

Participants are invited to join my mourning ritual of hand-making leaves out of paper in remembrance of those we have lost.

They can choose to either keep their leaves, or release them to be kept safely in my care as part of Ghost Tike Part 2: A Collective Memorial. I am in the process of designing a structure that I will build to hold and display these leaves in public spaces, with the goal of bringing awareness to the fact that we are not alone in our grief, and normalizing open discussion and expressions of grief.

If you are interested in participating in the project, click below for more information:

Make leaves – Make leaves on your own and send them to me by mail.

Workshops – Attend a workshop and make leaves in community with others.